Welcome to Pop Out Clothing

We are cousins: Betsy Tipton and Neely Irwin.

Second cousins once removed- or something like that.

We hang out together, our husbands play poker together, and our kids hang out together. And that’s how Pop Out Clothing came to be.

One day while Neely was driving to Betsy’s for a group play date she saw something.  It was saw a young woman with only half her vest on, slung over her shoulder. It exposed her neon and gray striped shirt underneath, forming a heart shape on her back.  Neely’s mind instantly lit up with ideas of other shapes that could be featured.

Neely bounded into the house super excited. Betsy said, “Let me think about that.”

Now, Neely hails from a long line of inventors and clothing salesmen Neely is no stranger to the world of fashion referring to herself as a“Schmata Princess”.  Members of her family have worked for esteemed companies such as Youngland Dresses, Bambury Coats, and Irvington Place and even owned their own children’s clothing stores in Brooklyn, NY.

And Betsy hails from a family four generations deep in the liquor business. When her brother James Landis a brand called Hpnotiq. Betsy was soon brought on board and eventually became Executive Vice President of Public Relations and Special Events.

In recent years Betsy helped take the small rock and roll kid’s line Sandbox Rebel from a small brick and mortar to a respected national brand.

So between them, they knew they could make this work.

All Pop Out Clothing is made here in the USA.

No sweatshops are used. No animals are harmed.

But the mommies are a little tired.

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